Consensus 2024: A Recap & Highlights by DBOE

On May 29-31, DBOE had attended the Consensus 2024 event organized by CoinDesk in Texas, where DBOE made significant strides by participating in key events and networking with industry leaders, including founders, developers, investors, creators, executives, marketers, startups, and beyond.

Chainlink: A Magnet For Investment Opportunities

As a member of Chainlink BUILD since April 2024, we were invited to join the Chainlink Labs Lunch, where our founder Vinh Vu met the Chainlink team, celebrated all the great things we’ve received from the Chainlink ecosystem, discussed the latest in blockchain technology and explored potential partnerships. Key conversations revolved around smart contracts and decentralised oracles. Chainlink is a great platform for connecting startups with venture capitalists. Its deal flow zone is constantly bustling and filled to the brim with activity.

Consensus 2024 Highlights

Throughout Consensus 2024, Bitcoin Level 2 solutions were a recurring theme, underscoring their critical role in scaling Bitcoin and expanding its functionality. Discussions highlighted the Lightning Network and Rootstock, which are essential for enhancing Bitcoin’s transaction speed and supporting complex smart contract functionalities. These solutions are not only pivotal for Bitcoin’s growth but also offer compelling opportunities for investors and developers aiming to leverage Bitcoin’s robust security for advanced applications.

Another key highlight of the event was the potential of RWAs (Real-World Assets) in the blockchain ecosystem. By tokenising physical assets, RWAs can significantly enhance liquidity and accessibility, provide new investment opportunities and improve asset management. This concept attracted considerable attention, with numerous discussions focusing on how blockchain can revolutionise the way real-world assets are managed and traded.

The day concluded with the Chainlink Labs Birthday Bash, a lively celebration and networking event to celebrate Chainlink’s phenomenal achievements when its decentralised oracle network has successfully revolutionised how blockchain applications interact with real-world data, enhancing the reliability and security of smart contracts. By connecting blockchain with off-chain data, Chainlink opens new avenues for DeFi applications, insurance products, supply chain management, and more.
DBOE’s participation in Consensus 2024 was highly productive, fostering new connections and gaining valuable insights for future innovations in the blockchain industry.

Met our founder Vinh Vu at Consensus but lost connection? Feel free to reach out to Vinh via for further discussion.

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