Pre-launch Market Prediction: Earn 1000 D-Points Per One Early Registration

Prepare to immerse yourself in the pulse-pounding world of Market Predictions with DBOE’s latest and most exhilarating event yet. Designed to ignite your strategic instincts and reward your foresight, our Market Prediction challenge promises an unforgettable experience in real-time market dynamics.

What is DBOE’s Market Prediction?

Market prediction involves analysing current market trends and using data-driven insights to forecast future price movements of assets, commodities, or indices. Participants in our event will engage in predicting short-term market movements, testing their analytical skills and strategic thinking.


All bets will be pooled together, creating a competitive arena where participants stake their predictions. The winning team, determined by accurate predictions, will take home the total pool after commision for the operator. However, remember that in this high-stakes game, the losers will forfeit their entire bet.

How does it work?

At DBOE, we primarily start by predicting trends within the ETH/USD pair, offering participants a unique opportunity to test their analytical skills and strategic thinking.


Experience the thrill of predicting market movements during our dynamic short-term timeframe. Test your skills across three distinct prediction states:


  • State 0: Price of ETH grows +0.1% or more.
  • State 1: Price of ETH range bound from just under +0.1% to below -0.1%.
  • State 2: Price of ETH declines -0.1% or more.


Betting orders will close 10 minutes before the new hourly session begins. Ensure you have placed your bets in time to participate fully in this exciting event.

Note: Currently the event is available on 2 (two) chains only, which is Polygon and Base. Make sure to prepare the native token of the chain you are using to pay for gas fee (example: If you place your bet through Polygon you will need a small amount of MATIC or ETH if you’re placing it through to pay for gas fee).

Starting Date: 02 July 2024

The ending date will be announced later.

Early Bird: Register now to earn 1000 D-points forehand!

Be among the first 888 participants to register the Pre-launch Market Prediction event and receive an exclusive reward of 1000 D-points each! This is your chance to kickstart your journey with DBOE and potentially earn substantial rewards for your foresight and participation.

Keep an eye out for further updates and detailed instructions as we approach the event date.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Each user can register one (1) time only.
  • Rewards will be distributed to users’ wallets within two (2) weeks after the event ends.
  • If we find any action violating our rules, users won’t be able to claim rewards from the Prize Pool.
  • DBOE reserves the right to modify the terms of this event without prior notice to users.

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We are in closed Beta phase, please comeback later or SUBSCRIBE for latest updates!


We are in closed Beta phase, please comeback later or SUBSCRIBE for latest updates!