⚽️ Sport Prediction Launch [Experiment]: Predict Euro Champion to Earn Total Rewards 1 Million D-Points 🏆

Gear up for an exhilarating adventure into the heart of Euro 2024 with DBOE’s first experiment of Blockchain technology into Sport Prediction. We will be releasing one single prediction on the champion of Euro 2024.


🎁 Extra bonus for supporting our experiment: whether making a right or wrong prediction, you will be air-dropped 100 DPoints for every 1 MATIC being waged immediately (limited slots and terms and conditions applied).

🏆 Feel the Excitement: Exclusive UEFA EURO 2024 Prediction Session

As part of our Event Market offering, we are excited to bring you a special session for the thrilling UEFA EURO 2024, now in its intense semi-final stage. Join us and football fans worldwide as we cheer on the teams and discover who will become the champion of EURO 2024. This special event will wrap up on July 15th, right after the final match.


Experience the thrill of predicting the champion between The Last 4:

  • Team 1: Spain
  • Team 2: France
  • Team 3: England
  • Team 4: Netherlands

🎰 How can I place my bet?

  1. Connect Your Wallet to DBOE: Ensure your wallet is connected to DBOE. Prepare a small amount of MATIC (Polygon chain) to wage and pay for gas fees.
  2. Analyse: Observe the past matches, read the statistics, analyse team performances, and match conditions, etc.
  3. Choose Your Prediction Option: Select one of the four teams and enter the amount you want to wage, then select “Submit”.
  4. Sit back and experience the thrill: Pull out your popcorn and gather your friends together to experience the heat as Euro 2024 comes closer to the final showdown.
  5. Wait for the Final Match Ending to Claim Rewards: Hold tight until the final match concludes. If your prediction hits the mark, claim your share of the prize pool!

📌 Key Details:

  • Currently, we only support sports prediction for Euro 2024 Football matches on the Polygon Chain. More features and options will be updated later.
  • Upon betting, you will be airdropped instantly 100 D-points for each MATIC bet you placed!
🔔 Important Note: Please note that you NEED TO come back to claim your winnings within 24 hours after the session ended; otherwise, your tickets will no longer be displayed on the site for you to claim.

A pool of 1,000,000 (1 Million) D-points awaits! Don’t miss out on the adrenaline rush of predicting Euro 2024’s semi-finals and competing for significant rewards. Join us on Telegram and Discord for the latest announcements and community discussions.

📥 Import DBOE Point on your wallet

Don’t forget to import DBOE Point into your wallet to receive your airdrop (if you’re eligible).


DBOE Point Address (Polygon): 0x35eaf977d9f73d93fe69bb90dec6610c05181ac8

📜 Terms & Conditions

  • 5% of the total pool will be commissioned for DBOE, and DBOE reserves the right to change this rate at any time without prior notice.
  • If we find any action violating our rules, users won’t be able to claim rewards from the Prize Pool.
  • DBOE reserves the right to modify the terms of this event without prior notice to users.
  • Maximum bet for each wallet to receive D-points reward is $100.
Immerse yourself in the excitement of Euro 2024 and prove your sports prediction prowess with DBOE. Get in the game and predict the champions now!

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We are in closed Beta phase, please comeback later or SUBSCRIBE for latest updates!


We are in closed Beta phase, please comeback later or SUBSCRIBE for latest updates!