Event: How to Master Options

Weekly Prizes

To help players and investors to learn and master their trading strategies, DBOE Academy has officially launched a weekly contest on How to Master Options event (HMO).

  • Users will get access to live transactions on the Mainnet platform, which will be 100% real-time which allow them to feel the fluctuations of ETH coins in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Users will be able to learn hands-on experience on option by: using Black-Scholes option pricing, get to know full exercise of European-style options, such as Long/Short Call and Put orders which expire every Friday at 3pm GMT.
  • In this contest, NUSD (Non-USD)* is used to represent the actual USDT in transactions.
  • The ten most profitable weekly trading users will each receive USDT and DBOE tokens in their e-wallet.

Prizes details

Weekly Competition
(* NUSD or Non – USD: is a token that represents USDT and is used for all competitions held at DBOE Academy. NUSD is completely non-transferable and is only used for educational purposes.)

Contest guidelines

  1. To participate, users must have a Metamask wallet (if you don’t already have one, learn how to create one here).
  2. NUSD is required for trading, and NUSD is only available after users complete basic knowledge quizzes. Take the Test now.
  3. Users will go to the exchange after receiving NUSD to practice buying and selling ETH tokens.
  4. The top ten most profitable results will be announced 24 hours after the weekly expiration session (3 PM (GMT) every Friday) on the DBOE Academy website and via email.

Trading guide

– Instructions on how to create a wallet and make a transaction here.

– Instructions on how to connect a wallet and start trading here.

– Instructions on how to use Black-Scholes here.

Table of contents

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We are in closed Beta phase, please comeback later or SUBSCRIBE for latest updates!


We are in closed Beta phase, please comeback later or SUBSCRIBE for latest updates!