No. 1 Non-Custodial DeFi Option Venue

On-chain Order Book (CLOB)

DBOE integrated full On-chain, operating entirely on the blockchain for transparency and fairness.

Zero Counterparty Risk

With DBOE, option buyers can trade with confidence knowing there’s zero counterparty risk.

Non-custodial / Web3 principle

Our platform is non-custodial ensuring a secure and decentralised trading environment.

High Capital Efficiency

DBOE provides high capital efficiency for option sellers, maximising their potential returns.

Portfolio Margin

Portfolio margin is one component of DBOE ecosystem that is in the development phase as of now.

DBOE Academy/Paper Trading Environment

Enhance your options trading skills in a cost-free and risk-free practice environment designed.


This ecosystem serves as a bridge between TradFi and the innovative world of DeFi blockchain technology.

Free Educational Platform: academy.dboe.io

In 2022, we launched DBOE Academy as our first effort to promote understanding and use of blockchain and cryptocurrency among students and newcomers to the crypto world. With DBOE Academy, we believe that it’s important for people to learn about blockchain and crypto financial products to empower themselves and prepare for the future.

Through DBOE Academy, we offer free courses and webinars that teach the basics of blockchain and its transformative potential. Additionally, we provide a paper trading platform on the Mainnet where students can practise trading with our own paper currency. We cover the transaction fees directly for students, so there’s no cost or risk involved. Moreover, students who excel in this program have a chance to win attractive prizes.

Option Market Place: dboe.exchange 

DBOE provides an innovative decentralised crypto European-Options trading platform, integrating a fully On-chain CLOB to ensure deep liquidity, facilitating efficient trading.

DBOE stands out as a safe, secure, and cost-effective platform with zero counterparty risk, offering a user-friendly interface, enabling users to engage in lightning-fast trades with minimal transaction fees.

DBOE Token Staking: staking.dboe.exchange

Token holders have the opportunity to stake their DBOE tokens. This staking activity involves validating settlement prices upon the expiry of options (which occurs weekly) in exchange for payments in DBOE tokens.

In addition to staking DBOE tokens, investors can stake their USDT into Portfolio Margin and Lending Services (DPML), providing the attractive returns while their principal is protected.
DBOE offers token holders the right to vote on DBOE’s development. All token holders are eligible to participate in key decision-making alongside the DBOE Board.


Get started with DBOE

Step 1

Connect your wallet to DBOE

Select a chain from Chain List (other chains for live trading, Nautilus for paper trading).

Step 2

Select the coin for your option contract

Use price chart and volatility chart to identify the market.

Step 3

Select expiration date, Option Price and Position (Call/Put) in the Option Chain

Step 4

Check out the On-chain Order Book, select Price Level and/or Quantity you want to trade

Enable Option, Enable USDT and Send Order


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We are in closed Beta phase, please comeback later or SUBSCRIBE for latest updates!


We are in closed Beta phase, please comeback later or SUBSCRIBE for latest updates!